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Chad's work as a director, writer and producer come to play in Backyard Creatives.

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Chad's work as a director, writer and producer comes to play in Backyard Creatives.


web series pilot
Three Melbourne ticket inspectors go through elite training to level up and become undercover officers. As they struggle to grasp the basic of being a regular commuter their trainer has to pull out all the stops to get them up to scratch.

Producer & Director - Chad O’Brien
Creator, Writer & DOP - Catherine Hall



an interactive, transmedia digital story
Toni begins an online dialogue with her Singaporean friend, Wei, about their shared environmentalist ideals, not fully understanding the danger such dialogue puts Wei in and the potential repercussions from her own government’s surveillance.

Producer - Jemma Douglas
Director & Writer - Chad O’Brien
DOP - Catherine Hall

In Dust

In Dust is the first bespoke fashion film by Backyard Creatives based upon Shannon Malone's collection, "Artigiano". Chad O'Brien's film draws its inspiration from the workwear origins of dungarees, exploring the desires of artisans and craftsmen while considering the true value of labour and production.

Co-producer - Emily Wills
DOP - James Barker

Glasshouse Whims

Glasshouse Whims is Backyard Creatives' second bespoke film reflecting fashion designer Lucy Mitchell's creative inspiration and collection concept for "Botanic Whims" in a new medium. Lucy Mitchell's designs, and Chad O'Brien's film share inspiration from Monet's painting technique, nostalgia and the nature of memory.

Co-producer - Emily Wills
DOP - James Barker


Summer.     Suburbia.     Christmas. 
Another unremarkable year has come and gone and there isn't much to look forward to.

This fashion film is a collaboration with stylist, Emma Bergmeier-Varian and music producer, Dekoyfox. It features garments by Elle Campbell and jewellery by Corey & Lyon. This is also the third collaboration with DOP, James Barker, and co-producer, Emily Wills.